Garth was born in California’s Bay Area but moved to a small town in the Pine Ridge area of Nebraska as an adolescent. This move proved to be vital in the creation of his unique sound. Neither country or rock. Garth’s self taught style lies somewhere in between and beyond.

Early memories were Garth sitting on the piano bench listening to his father sing and play. Self-taught, Garth formulated his unique left hand base style. Listeners often say he “strums” the piano in the style of a guitarist rather than a keyboardist.

Garth’s earliest musical inspiration was Elvis Presley and his charismatic performances. Later he discovered Bruce Springstein with his dark, rough, edgy Americana style of singing and songwriting.

Coming of age on the White River Badlands, working on his grandfather’s ranch, and driving across the midwestern plains, lends to Garth’s original style and unique genre of piano planing and songwriting he calls “plains rock”